No Stressing About Vegan Dressing

No Animals Harmed, Vegan Cooking

Salads are great and all, but what really makes the salad is the dressing. The great thing about dressing is it can be used in a variety of ways such as a dip, topping (on pizza/sandwich) or a marinade. When you think vegan dressing, you definitely think you will be missing out on old favorites, such as..

RANCH! Yes, that’s right there are a few vegan ranches out there, and they are amazing. Ranch has always been my personal favorite for a nice creamy addition.

1. Follow Your Heart: High Omega Vegan Ranch ( This brand of dressing is found in the fridge at supermarkets. Variations of the traditional ranch can also be found.

2. Organicville Foods: Non Dairy Ranch Organic Dressing ( This brand is found on the shelves at supermarkets.

Bleu Cheese! Who would have thought that there’s a vegan version of this dressing. The only one I’ve come across is by Follow Your Heart: High Omega Vegan Bleu Cheese (

Caesar! Again, another type that probably did not come to mind when thinking of a vegan dressing. Follow Your Heart: Organic Vegan Caesar (

Thousand Island!

1. Follow Your Heart: Vegan Thousand Island (

2. Organicville: Non Dairy Thousand Island Organic Dressing (

Honey Mustard!

1. Follow Your Heart: Vegan Honey Mustard (

2. Organicville: Dijon Organic Vinaigrette – All though this is not exactly a honey mustard dressing, it does  fit best within this category with a oily base rather than creamy. (

Another dressing brand to be acknowledged that has many vegan options is Annie’s Natural –>(


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