Vegan Friendly Top Milks and Creamers

No Animals Harmed, Vegan Cooking

Now that the fridge dairy alternative brands are out there, let me break down my personal favorites for Milk and Creamers!

Milk Alternatives come from many different sources, here are the top few: Almond, Cashew, Soy, Coconut and Rice. I tend to stay away from the soy in this category. Soy is found in so many vegan alternatives, I try not to over due it. I prefer unsweetened in all brands with more than half the calories cut. My selection of vanilla or original also depends on the use (ex: vegan mac and cheese is not so good with a vanilla undertone). My personal favorites are as follows.

1. Blue Diamond Almond Breeze in Unsweetened Vanilla or Unsweetened Original (

2. Silk Almond Milk Unsweetened Vanilla or Unsweetened Original (

3. Silk Cashew Milk Unsweetened is a close third, much creamier than the almond (

Creamer Alternatives like milks come from a variety of sources: Almond, Soy, and Coconut. Personally, I stay away from the coconut (which only SO Delicious makes), it is a little to light for my liking. I tend to stick with the soy for my creamer.

1. Silk Hazelnut Soy Creamer – my “go to” paired with a hazelnut K cup (

2. Silk Vanilla Almond Creamer – on the days when I’m not feeling hazelnut, which is almost never (

3. Califia Pecan Caramel Almond Milk Coffee Creamer for the more decadent days (

In my next post, I will get into the cheeses, the best vegan alternative there is!


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